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Friday, August 19, 2011


This is so true: (taken from flickr) The more you study it the more you realize how influential the style and color scheme is and how relevant it is today. Without knowing or meaning to copy how many times have we put two dividing line's through our piece's shown here on the "P" and the "E" ?. Arrows which are large at the tip and narrow at the connection?. The leg on the "R" has a little extra piece on the top. This can be seen in piece's around the world today. This is a totally influential piece painted in 1981, dondi was way ahead of his time for style and skill. This piece looks like it could have been painted yesterday!

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  1. DONDI CIA!!! Hes one of my inspirations, and yea maybe he was ahead of his time or maybe he's saying from the grave that we need to think of somthing new.