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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Well, there goes my weekend

 Horrible picture haha. bad lighting.

This is my weekends productivity. About 40 odd stickers, canvas, sketches... lol believe it or not these are all going to be sent off in packages. Dont worry MISK none of your stickers are in these flicks, coz i don't want you to see them. Detail of two sketches Raaws and Zpone


  1. YOOO.. thanks. Do you want me do a battle piece or have him do a drawing(he's mega toy.=[)I see him on Tuesday, so is it a battle? Or what.

    Thanks for Not showing me the stickers. i see these and am like "WOW".

    Have fun in cambridge.

  2. yo knekt, that sketch is rele good, and yea ik im toy, and i suck so if i did a sketch it wouldnt b that good compaired to u