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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Matatini O Te Ra

The Matatini O Te Ra is a Maori dance festival, I was invited to go (along with some other guys) to paint live. Its a 4 day thing and we get all the money from art we sell. I only did one of these boards, the rest were done by the rest of out group (about 8 people). Stay tuned for more art :) The area we were painting in was not the main arena, the main arena was huge, about 20,000 people.
 The view from up top...

 I did this one, it says TE PUU AO (one of the groups that was dancing)

 Te Arawa
 View from the bottom...

 Bob Marley Stencil (two layer, by me)

 Oh yea, it was raining the whole time!

Positive (By K)


  1. special art from you all !!!! Good boys

  2. My brothers swyft, good to see that his work was photographed :)